Collaborate Against Cancer04 Feb 2020

World Cancer Day 2020 – I am and I will

The theme for World Cancer Day this year is “I am and I will”.

Baxter Hutchinson with his World Cancer Day pledge. Photo Credit: Benjamin Horgan.

World Cancer Day is a big opportunity to celebrate the enormous progress that has been made developing better treatments and increasing the survival rates of people living with cancer around the world.

It is also a great day to spread awareness and learn how every one of us can make a difference in treating and preventing cancer.

‘I am and I will’, the theme for World Cancer Day 2019-21, is an empowering campaign focussed on personal commitment, and highlights the power all of us have to impact the future of cancer.

‘I am’ asks exactly who you are. Whether you’re a teacher, student, mother, teenage, cancer survivor or none-of-the-above, every one of us has a unique perspective and the power to act.

‘I will’. Once you know who you are and the perspective you bring, the big question is:  what will you do in 2020 to have an impact on cancer? With more than 200 different types of cancer, there are many ways in which everyone can fight cancer through, prevention, detection and advocacy.

Prevention: Personal preventative commitments could include making sure you always wear proper sun protection, not using tobacco and drinking responsibly.

Detection: Perhaps you could get yourself tested for a genetic cancer risk, learn how to recognise early cancer symptoms and commit to seeing your doctor if you notice anything unusual.

Advocacy: Get informed by reading up on cancer, learning about the latest in prevention and treatment. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share what you learn!

So on 4 February no matter who you are, your actions big or small will make lasting positive change.

Progress is possible.

We need your commitment and dedication to create a cancer free world.

Read more on the World Cancer Day website and get more ideas how you can make a difference!

Baxter Hutchinson
by Baxter Hutchinson

Baxter Hutchinson is an ambassador for the Minderoo Foundation’s Collaborate Against Cancer initiative. Minderoo Foundation connected with Baxter after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018 and helped him raise $462,760 for brain cancer research. Baxter’s goal is for people to understand the complexities of brain cancer and to pursue further avenues for funding and research. Baxter is currently completing a ten week flexi-track course with the aim to study sports science at Murdoch University. He can’t wait to get back on the soccer field.

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