Building Communities31 Jan 2023

Minderoo is in Cahoots…to improve First Nation youths’ mental health, through art!

Award-winning West Australian youth charity Cahoots, and Minderoo Foundation have partnered, to develop an innovative Cultural Art Wellness Program, to improve the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of vulnerable First Nations children and youth in WA.

Cultural Awareness Program
Minderoo Foundation is parterning with Cahoots on its Cultural Art Wellness program. Photo Credit: Stefan Gosatti.

Cahoots is pioneering the new program, delivered by trained art therapists, cultural mentors and artists, to help young people facing exceptional challenges, explore their inner landscape through creative art activities.
“We are so proud and passionate about this program as we know it helps foster deeper connection to self, community and country for young First Nations people.” said David Armstrong, Cahoots CEO.

“We know art is an evidenced therapeutic tool to help improve the mental and emotional wellbeing for vulnerable young people; and are thrilled to be offering a tailored, supported program that is culturally safe, effective and enjoyable.”
Minderoo Foundation Director of Building Communities Louise Olney is delighted to be working alongside the Cahoots team.

“The Cultural Art Wellness program, has huge potential to improve the wellbeing and outcomes of children all over Western Australia,” Ms Olney said.
“Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and experience the joy arts and creativity bring. We’re excited to be part of this new project, and create meaningful opportunities for more First Nations children and youth.”

The program, which began earlier in the year, has expanded into the Perth Metro region, with regular weekly workshops offered from Milligan House in Bunbury and Bayswater Family Centre in Perth.
Cahoots has been working in the cultural space for the past four years, successfully running regular school holiday cultural camps for First Nations youth in the Bunbury region of Southwest WA.
Based off the success of these camps; along with an innovative approach to providing meaningful and transformative culturally appropriate and sound experiences. Cahoots are also offering members of the community the opportunity to experience “taster art experiences” at various “Art in the Park” community events both in Perth and Bunbury, throughout the year.

Minderoo Foundation
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