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Bright Tomorrows Parenting App

Giving parents and carers world-class information on early childhood development.

What does the app do?

The Bright Tomorrows Parenting App, produced by a collaboration between Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids Institute, provides learning activities, ‘in-the-moment’ advice and practical tips to parents and carers with children from birth to age five.

Our methodology

Every child is different and can develop skills and capacities at different times. However, research demonstrates that a set of core skills, also termed ‘executive functions’, enable individuals to successfully navigate the routine tasks of daily life, by helping them to stay focused, remember and follow instructions, make decisions, shift priorities and control impulses.

The app tailors information to each parent and carer, suggesting a regular stream of activities encompassing everything from self-control to language skills and motor coordination to help aid the development of each child. Using motivational interviewing strategies and machine learning, each parent or carer is given guidance and help at the most relevant time to make their access to information seamless and easy.

Activities are formulated through close collaboration with leading international experts in child development and parenting behaviour, and ongoing consultation with community members, to ensure the app delivers evidence-based, up-to-date, and user-friendly information.

The benefits

The early years of development are the most important period for building a range of cognitive skills that will impact a child’s entire life. The bright tomorrows that every child has the potential to fulfill start today with small activities that reveal new experiences and build confidence.

Parents rely on a raft of competing information – from research to anecdotes – to understand the best ways to guide their child’s development. The app collects this information together into a convenient and fun experience to help simplify this process and give parents more time to engage and play with their children.

Information on raising children should be as simple, accessible and as fun to use as possible.

Our goal

To develop an app that is useful and fun to use for both parents and carers and delivers the best early childhood information available to the broadest number of people.

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